10 MORE Tips For Saving Cash On Your Gas
Gas and Money Saving Tips by Pete Lance

Learn some of the best tips to get optimum gas mileage. Here weíve compiled 10 more tips to help you stretch your dollar at the gas station!

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Alright, on to the tips!

Tip 1: Watch Your Gas
You should be aware of the amount of fuel you use. Notice your car's performance, such as the mileage per gallon. When fuel efficiency decreases, your car may need servicing.

Tip 2: Buy Gas from a Busy Station
A gas station that is consistently busy has to refill its underground tanks regularly. Slower stations that don't refill as often may have stale contaminated gas in its underground tanks, and this contamination will affect your fuel economy.

Tip 3: Turn the Nozzle
After you have finished filling up your tank, you should twist the gas pump nozzle a full 180 degrees. This will drain a bit more gas into your tank, sometimes up to an entire half cup. If you don't do this, the extra gas would just be a bonus to the next gas customer.

Tip 4: Tighten the Gas Cap
Tighten your gas cap until it clicks. This will help prevent the gasoline from evaporating and escaping.

Tip 5: Check Your Carís Tire Pressure
You should check your car's tire pressure regularly. Under inflated tires reduce your car's fuel efficiency, and also causes premature tire wear, affecting the life-span of your tires.

Tip 6: Remove Excess Weight from Your Car
You should remove excess weight from your car. Some people use the car trunk as a storage space, adding unnecessary weight to the car. This will reduce your car's fuel efficiency.

Tip 7: Keep Your Car Tuned-Up
Always keep your car tuned up to ensure optimum performance. Cars that have not been serviced for a long time often have poorer fuel efficiency.

Tip 8: Use Your Car Less
You can try to arrange car pools with co-workers to reduce the cost of getting to work. To save even more, you can drive less and walk, bike or run to your intended destination, especially if the place is nearby.

Tip 9: Change Your Work Start Time
If it is possible, change your work start and end time to avoid traffic congestions. Stopping and going affects your gas mileage.

Tip 10: Donít Fill Up When the Price is High
Lastly, when the price is high, don't fill up. You should wait for the prices to go down before you fill up, especially if your gas tank is more than half full. Filling up when the price is high tells the gas companies that people are willing to pay ridiculous prices for gasoline.

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About the Author:
Pete Lance is the founder of http://USGasTracker.org, a premier company which helps the consumer save money on gasoline. Thousands of gas stations across the nation are tracked daily to guarantee the lowest prices on gasoline anywhere in the United States.

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