Debt Consolidation - Ways to Save on High Gas Prices
Gas and Money Saving Tips by Charles Essmeier

Memorial Day has come and gone, and the great American travel season is here. During the summer, most Americans take at least one extended vacation, and four fifths take that trip by automobile. Unfortunately, this year, the price of gas is near record highs, and no one likes to spend their vacation money on gasoline. While there is little to be done about the price of gas itself, there are some things the average vacationer can do to help ease the costs of auto travel.

  • Tune up the car. Making sure that your car is running at its best will help you achieve better gas mileage. In addition to tuning up your car, you should also check to make sure that your tires are inflated to their proper pressure.
  • Other small things that can help with gas mileage are keeping your car washed and waxed and keeping your luggage inside of your vehicle. Bicycles, luggage, and canoes tied on top create additional air resistance, which increases gas consumption.
  • Make sure that your air conditioner works properly. While the use of your air conditioner increases gas consumption, it’s better than driving with your windows open.
  • If you have a credit card that offers a cashback bonus, such as the Discover card, use that for gas purchases instead of an oil company credit card. Discover even offers a credit card now that is made especially for gas purchases. It offers a larger cashback bonus for than the regular Discover card.
  • Some gas stations offer a lower price if you pay cash. If that’s the case, then pay cash.
  • Shop around. The gas stations closest to the Interstate may not have the lowest prices. You might save a bit by purchasing your gas a bit further from the highway.
  • Drive at or near the speed limit. Most cars get better gas mileage at 55 miles per hour than they do at 70.
  • Shop around before you travel. There are several Websites, such as, that can show you gas prices throughout your travel route.
  • Each of the items listed above will offer a slight savings in the price of gasoline or in gas consumption. The effect of each one may be small, but the cumulative effect should be noticeable. And every penny you save on gas is a penny you can spend on a memorable souvenir, instead.

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    • Amoco Oil Corporation - first incorporated as Standard Oil of Indiana, formed from the breakup of gasoline giant Standard Oil. Amoco was merged with British Petroleum in 1998 to form BP Amoco, later rebranded to BP.
    • Compounding - to compute interest on the principal and accrued interest together, rather than on the principal alone.
    • MasterCard PayPass - a new contactless payment feature that provides cardholders with a simpler way to pay by tapping a payment card or other payment device, such as a phone or key fob, on a point-of-sale terminal reader rather than swiping or inserting a card.
    • Supermarket gas stations - discount gas stations found at some supermarkets (Albertsons, Kroger, and Vons), convenience stores (7-Eleven), mass merchandise stores (Wal-Mart) and membership warehouse stores (Costco, Sam's Club, and BJ's). Some such stations require a special membership card to receive the discounted gasoline price.
    • Discover Card - a brand of credit card operated by Discover Bank and issued on the Discover Network.

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