Gas Saving Tips 8 - Use Less Gas And Save Money
by Doug Smith

You have probably heard theses gas saving tips from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), and whoever taught you to drive. Yet very few people actually bother to implement them.

Why is that? Are people tired of hearing them? Have these gas saving tips been said so many times that people tune them out? Well, you are going to hear them again in this series of articles, along with the reasons why they DO work!

Gas Saving Tip #17: Try Alternative Fuels Or Hybrid Vehicles

If you are already in the market for a new car, consider one that runs on an alternative fuel besides gasoline. Alternative fuels include ethanol, natural gas, and electricity.

Look into a gas-electric hybrid car if alternative fuels are not available in your area. Choosing the proper hybrid car can drastically reduce your gasoline bill. An all-electric vehicle can eliminate it entirely! You may also be eligible for a large tax break if you purchase an alternative fuel or hybrid vehicle.

Gas Saving Tip #18: Use A Stamp

Many people complain about the post office and the price of stamps. However, a first class stamp is a terrific bargain. For a few cents, someone will take your letter anywhere in the country, and use their gas to do it!

If you tend to drive your bill payments to the utility companies in your area, consider mailing them instead. Not only will you save gas, but you'll put less stress on your engine.

Gas Saving Tip #19: Pay Bills Online

Many banks offer free online bill pay services. Use these services when you can to save gas, postage, and avoid late fees.

Gas Saving Tip #20: Consider An Electric Lawnmower

Many people don't include their lawnmower in their gasoline costs, but they should. Push mowers and riding mowers require gas, oil, and periodic maintenance. An electric lawnmower requires none of those things.

Cordless electric lawnmowers with rechargeable batteries are offered by several major lawnmower manufacturers. They recharge overnight. The cutting time depends on the horsepower rating of the mower, the height of the grass, and a few other factors.

Generally, a 5-HP, 24-Volt cordless electric rechargeable push mower can cut a lot of about 1/4 acre on a single charge. Ask your local dealer for the specifications of the electric mowers they sell.

Don't forget that you actually pay twice for lawnmower gasoline. You pay for the gas itself, and you also use gas to drive to the gas station to buy the mower's gas.

Gas Saving Tip #21: Carpool

Share rides when possible. It makes no sense for a group of people with the same destination to each drive their own car if they are starting from the same location. The slight loss of fuel efficiency by having six extra people in the car is greatly offset by the benefit of running one car instead of six.

Carpooling can work even if everyone doesn't start from the same location. Pick a gathering point agreeable to everyone and have all parties meet and carpool from there. At the end of the day, the designated carpool driver returns everyone to the gathering point to collect their cars for the short drive home. Drivers can alternate being the carpool driver.

Be sure the carpool schedule is absolutely clear to everyone! You should also have a plan in place if the designated carpool driver cannot drive on his appointed day.

Nor does everyone have to have the same destination, as long as they are going to locations close to each other.

As gas prices go higher, the need to save gas and save money on fuel is greater than ever. More gas saving tips can be found at the website below.

Doug Smith invites you to find more free information on Fuel Efficiency and other gas saving tips at .

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