Gas Visa Credit Cards
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A Short History Of Gas Credit Cards

Gas rebate credit cards (or even plain gasoline credit cards) are usually associated with a specific oil company or brand name. These include Marathon, Exxon-Mobil, Shell, and many others. Gas credit cards were helpful if you frequented only one gas station chain, but as helpful if you made your fuel purchase elsewhere.

That problem has been solved. You can have the convenience to buy gas anywhere with the freedom of a gas visa card.

Gas Visa credit cards give extra flexibility through gas cash back rebates anywhere you buy gas. Ten short years ago the gasoline credit card companies charge customers extra for fuel purchases!

Because of the massive pay-at-the-pump gasoline business, these same companies are competing for your gas rebate credit card business. Incentives such as ever larger rebates and other financial incentives are being offered. The gas Visa card offers many benefits in this category.

How Gas Visa Credit Cards Benefit You

Gas Visa cards from the American Automotive Association (AAA) offer up to a 5% fuel purchase at any gas station. Note that it does not give rebates for non-gas purchases. Keep in mind that the maximum rebate for an AAA gas Visa is 2% of the combined monthly purchase.

Rebates from the AAA gas Visa card automatically become credited towards your future gasoline purchases. This gas Visa card is very versatile in that you are not limited to one gasoline brand, nor are the rebates limited to one gasoline brand.

Many credit cards lure customers with monetary rebates or gas back options for any purchase, not just fuel. The gas Visa credit card focuses mainly on gasoline customers wanting the very best gasoline purchase deals. There is no annual fee on a Visa gas card, or the annual fee is dismissed after some small purchase threshold has been crossed.

Is There Any Bad News?

You must read the small print on your Visa gas card or any gas credit card agreement. Some cards are more versatile than others, and others may have unwanted restrictions. As an example, the AAA gas Visa card can only be used to pay at the pump, and not at the counter.

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