Getting A Hess Gas Card Account
Gas and Money Saving Tips by Doug Smith

A Few Words About The Company

As a leading independent, global energy company, the Amerada Hess Corporation performs the following:

* Explore and produce natural gas and crude oil;

* Refining crude oil to other petroleum products; and

* The marketing of natural gas, electricity, and refined fossil fuel products.

You can get rebates towards gas and purchases at all Hess, Hess Express, and Wilco Hess store/station locations with a Hess gas card. You can expect a 10 percent rebate on gas and other Hess store purchase for 90 days. Afterwards, expect a 5 percent fuel rebate and 1 percent merchandise rebate.

Receive a 0-percent introductory annual percentage rate (APR) on purchases and balance transfers for up to 6 months with your Hess gas card. Note that there is a 3 percent fee on balance transfers. The balance transfer fee on the Hess gas card has a USD $50 maximum during the introductory time period, and increases to USD $75 maximum after the first 6 months.

Keep in mind that the rebates offered by the Hess gas card apply only towards later purchases of Hess fuel and products at the Hess locations previously listed.

Hess is often offers the cheapest gas in the U.S. (or close to the cheapest). If you drive for a living, and with gasoline prices climbing ever higher, the Hess gas card can offer substantial financial benefits.

What Benefits Come With A Hess Gas Card?

Some gas rebate cards are specific to a particular gas station chain. On the other hand, getting a Hess gas card from Visa or Chase gets you discounts of 5 percent on all Hess fuel and items. Furthermore, it can be used anywhere Visa cards can be used. The SpeedWay and Marathon chains of gas stations offer gas cards similar to the Hess gas card.

It is unsafe to carry cash, and there is only so much you can carry at one time. A Hess gas card is much more convenient, provided you practice good credit card management. Furthermore, you may have more power in a dispute with a vendor if you purchased the vendor's product with a credit card instead of cash.

What's The Bad News?

Hess gas stations won't always have the lowest fuel prices, forcing you to locate a cheaper gas station. Of course you will want your gas card rebate at the cheaper gas station, and not be tied to one gas station chain.

What Did You Learn?

Increasing gasoline prices make the Hess gas card even more popular. Rebates are automatically applied to your gas card account each time you use your Hess gas card from Visa or Chase. You can earn an unlimited amount of rebates too. A Hess gas card offers many ways to save money and time.

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