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Gas and Money Saving Tips by Doug Smith

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Oil is the lifeblood of the global economy. Disruptions or fluctuations in oil supplies or prices impact financial markets around the world. Oil prices continue to gradually creep higher.

One may feel helpless as gasoline prices continue to rise apparently uncontrollably. One of the ways you can save on gas is to obtain a gasoline credit card.

How Will A Gasoline Credit Card Help You?

Consumers are forced to spend more and more to purchase the same amounts of gasoline. The upward trend in crude oil prices signal higher gasoline prices in the future.

Consumers can lower their gasoline costs with the judicious use of a gasoline credit card. Three alternatives include a gas debit card, gas credit card, and a pre-paid gasoline credit card.

Gasoline credit cards offering up to 10% fuel rebates are becoming increasingly popular. Many gasoline credit card companies offer rebates, and some give rebates regardless of where the gasoline is bought.

To save you even more money, some of these gasoline credit cards can save you up to 5% on grocery bills and 1% on other consumer purchases.

Make sure you know if there are hidden fees associated with your gasoline credit card rebate program so that you don't get a shock when the monthly bill arrives!

How To Choose The Right Card

You must be able to find the right gasoline credit card offer that meets your specific needs. If you drive for a living, a co-branded gasoline credit card offering gas purchase rebates may be perfect for you.

In order to gain your business and loyalty, gasoline credit card companies are offering terrific incentives for consumers to apply for their cards. These incentives may do away with gasoline surcharges, or may eliminate an annual fee for your gasoline credit card.

Ever-increasing fuel prices mean record profits for the major credit card companies. The fee that such companies charge gas stations is a percentage of the purchase price, and the purchase prices have been rising steadily. Higher prices mean higher profits for the gasoline credit card companies.

Choose a good gas rebate credit card and start saving today. After all, you are making the profit for the credit card companies. Shouldn't you share a part of it too?

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* Related Definitions, Terms and Acronyms:
  • Speedpass - a keychain RFID device introduced by Mobil for electronic payment for gasoline or other goods and services.
  • Compound interest - interest which is regularly added to the debt (called compounding) and is calculated over the principal PLUS over the interest already accrued to the debt (over the total amount owed).
  • Lend - to give something (e.g., money) to somebody (the borrower) for using it, expecting to get it back.
  • Discount brands - usually smaller regional gas station chains or independent stations that offer lower prices on gasoline.
  • Exxon Mobil Corporation or ExxonMobil - the largest publicly-traded oil producer and distributor in the world, formed by the merger of Exxon and Mobil.

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