Maximizing Gas Rewards
Gas and Money Saving Tips by Doug Smith

What Are Gas Rewards?

Due to skyrocketing gasoline prices, gas rewards may soon overtake airline miles as the favorite incentive of credit card users. Many consumers want to cut costs at the gas pump. If you want to save money on gas, then a gas rewards credit card can help.

In addition to gas rewards offered by these credit cards, often there are no additional fees imposed, such as annual fees.

Gas Rewards Card Benefits

Credit card issuing banks are getting aggressively more competitive to win your credit card business. The consumer is the big winner in this credit card tug-of-war, as each card issuer lures customers with bigger and bigger rewards.

As an example, using the right gas rewards credit card can save you up to 10% over paying with cash. These cards usually provide rewards or rebates for non-fuel purchases too.

Some cards also offer gas rewards points, which are credits redeemable for future gasoline purchases. These rewards points may also be used at retail outlets owned by the card issuing company. If you frequent a particular gas station and/or its accompanying market, this kind of card can save you money.

Warnings About Gas Rewards Cards

Some banks that issue these cards do not allow you to gain gas rewards on non-gas purchases. Read the credit card agreement carefully to determine what your card benefits (and restrictions) are. Sometimes fees waived at the beginning return after a certain time.

Gas-buying consumers still get a fantastic deal from gas rewards credit cards providing they do some careful research to find the deal that's right for them.

The Final Word

Intensified competition in the credit card industry means more benefits and more gas rewards cash back for consumers. Use your gas rewards and other credit cards responsibly and you will save lots of cash.

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* Related Definitions, Terms and Acronyms:
  • Credit card incentives, rewards, and rebates - credit providers often offer incentives such as frequent flier miles, gift certificates, or cash back (typically 1 %) to try attract customers to their program.
  • Gas theft - the removal of gasoline from a station without payment. Typically the thief will usually use some form of decoy to prevent nearby witnesses from noticing the lack of payment until they have left the station. Common decoys include pretending to press the wrong buttons after swiping the credit card, or having multiple people get gas at the same time with one paying for another person and the other running off with both cars.
  • Service station (U.K.) - a much larger facility than a U.S. service station, usually attached to motorways or major trunk routes, which provide food outlets, large parking areas, and shops.
  • Lend - to give something (e.g., money) to somebody (the borrower) for using it, expecting to get it back.
  • Contact smart card - a smart card that requires physical contact with a card reader as a communications medium between the smart card and a host such as the credit card company's computer.

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