Maximizing Your Sunoco Gas Card Cash Back
Gas and Money Saving Tips by Doug Smith

Some Brief Facts

The steady increase in oil prices is causing consumers to find ways to save money on gasoline. Smart consumers can use a Sunoco gas card to obtain gas rebates at more than 4,500 gas stations.

Sunoco Inc. is a company with headquarters in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Sunoco is a leading producer and seller of petroleum and other petrochemical products. The company operates five domestic refineries. The refineries' crude oil production capacity is approximately 900,000 barrels per day. Gasoline is marketed under the Sunoco brand name at more than 4,500 gas stations throughout 25 states.

Sunoco generally offers four types of gas rebate credit cards:

A Personal Sunoco Card

Use a personal Sunoco card to purchase products, fuel, and other services at any Sunoco station. This no annual fee card has flexible repayment terms and you can use it to pay at the gas pump. You can get unlimited additional cards for members of your family. Free bill payment online is included in the benefits package for the personal Sunoco card.

The Prestige Sunoco Gas Card

In addition to the benefits of the personal Sunoco gas card, the Sunoco Prestige gas card provides reimbursement for emergency road service and towing. The maximum reimbursement is $75 per incident. There is an annual $30 fee for this card.

About The MasterCard Sunoco

Sunoco MasterCard has become more and more popular as gasoline prices increase. Each purchase automatically credits your rebates to your monthly statement. The amount of rebates you can earn with a MasterCard Sunoco are unlimited.

Earn 4% rebates at more than 4,000 Sunoco retail outlet stations with this Sunoco gas card. Rebates are given for fuel, food, and merchandise purchases, with a rebate of up to 1% on non-Sunoco purchases. No annual fee is charged for this card, and a platinum card with higher credit lines is available.

Finally, The Sunoco Gift Card Explained

The Sunoco gift card is as good as cash for any purchase at any Sunoco outlet location. Use your Sunoco gift card like a credit card at the pump, or like cash inside the store. The Sunoco gift card makes an excellent gift for college students.

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