The Gas Card Application Process
Gas and Money Saving Tips by Doug Smith

The Application Process Explained

Some research and common sense can make gas credit cards work in your favor. Now is an excellent time to investigate credit cards that offer cash rebates and other financial incentives in exchange for your fuel purchases. Think about it - you could be earning cash back the next time you buy gas.

It is easy and quick to go through the gas card application process. Here are some guidelines to help you:

1. If you already have a relationship with the bank offering the gas card, you can submit your gas card application online.

2. Don't want to submit your gas card application info online? Print and mail it to the company.

You'll Need This Documentation

The credit card company will ask you to supply this information before your gas card application can be processed:

1. Your Social Security Number (SSN);

2. The number of years you've worked at your current occupation;

3. Your annual income; and

4. Your checking or savings account numbers. These are used as collateral account(s).

Getting Approved

If you applied online, it is possible to receive instant approval. You will be notified by the gas credit card issuer at the end of your online gas card application process. You can expect to receive your new gas credit card within five to seven working days.

If additional information or research is needed in order to process your gas card application, then you may be notified that your online approval is pending. Information will be supplied so that you can check the status of your application later.

You will receive a credit decision from the credit card company by mail usually within 30 working days. If you and your collateral bank accounts were approved, the package will also contain your new gas credit card.

If your application was rejected by the gas credit card company, you will receive a written statement explaining the reason for the rejection. You may also be entitled to a free copy of your credit report if this was the reason for the rejection.

Activating Your New Gas Credit Card

Call the activation number on the sticker on your new gas card once you are approved. Activation provides you with full access to all benefits of your new gas card account.

You can also register to review and manage your gas card account online. Online card management is normally free for customers. You can link your new gas credit card to an existing online account if the new card is from the same bank or issuer.

This will allow you to view all purchases and manage your credit budget more effectively. You probably will be able to pay your gas credit card bill online, saving you checks and postage as well.

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