Understanding Your Gas Rebate Credit Card
Gas and Money Saving Tips by Doug Smith


Recent events and natural disasters have caused crude oil prices to increase to $60 per barrel, with costs sometimes topping $70 per barrel or more. OPEC has not been able (or willing) to manage the rate hikes.

Do not feel helpless against the seemingly endless gas price increases. There are several things you can do to save money in the face of increasing gas prices. A gas rebate credit card is a good place to start.

How Does A Gas Rebate Credit Card Save You Money?

Soaring fuel costs may soon cause gasoline rebates to surpass airline miles as the favorite consumer credit card reward. Some gas rebate credit cards offer gasoline discounts of up to 10%.

Several types of gas rebate credit cards are available. Some of these cards give rebates regardless of where the fuel is bought. Furthermore, some gas rebate credit cards offer rebates on non-fuel purchases, such as 5% off store purchases and 1% off on other purchases.

Some consumers are unaware that gas rebate credit cards can give cash back on things other than gasoline. In addition to saving money at the pump, these cards can also provide savings on everyday purchases.

The gas rebate credit card works through a simple process. Use your gas rebate card now to buy gas and other items. Later you will receive a discount from the credit card company. The discount can be take the form of cash back, store gift certificates, or even a credit back to the credit card itself! As an example, a 10% discount or rebate on a $20 fuel purchase means a $2 reward for you.

Types of Gas Rebate Cards

Various types of gas rebate credit cards are available. Cards issued by MasterCard or Visa offer gas rebates from any gas station. Other benefits may apply as well. Do some research first to determine which gas rebate credit card fits your lifestyle and budget. Regardless of the card chosen, expect to save some fuel money.

What's Next?

You are in the best position to judge your own financial situation. Only you can determine which gas rebate credit card is right for you. In fact, it would be hard not to save money by getting such a card.

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